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In Sierra Leone's Kono District, Moses Aruna stands out as a dedicated mobiliser with the Kono District Health Medical Team. His role on the social mobilisation team is crucial, utilising the "rumours, misinformation, and concern system" to monitor and report on health-related rumours within the community.

Moses plays a vital role in debunking myths and disseminating accurate health information. By engaging directly with community members, he helps to counter misinformation and raise awareness about key health issues, ensuring that the community remains informed and vigilant.

His efforts extend to working closely with local leaders and community groups, addressing emerging concerns and developing effective communication strategies. This collaboration not only builds trust but also enhances the effectiveness of public health initiatives in the area.

Moses Aruna’s work highlights the essential role of grassroots mobilisation in promoting public health, demonstrating that tackling misinformation is fundamental to fostering a well-informed and healthy community.