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Freetown, Sierra Leone, June 15, 2024

The Sierra Leone Ministry of Health, alongside the National Public Health Agency (NPHA) and Breakthrough Action, recently conducted a three-day workshop aimed at strengthening the emergency response capabilities of local health officials. Held from June 13–15, this event brought together Chiefdom One Health Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) actors from across the country.

This workshop is part of a national effort to empower health officials with the skills needed for effective communication and community engagement during health crises. The training covered crisis communication strategies for clear and timely information dissemination, techniques for community engagement to build trust and cooperation with leaders, developing actionable emergency preparedness plans, and methods to encourage health-promoting behaviours through behaviour change communication.

The initiative aims to enhance the health system’s responsiveness, improve community-centred communication, and strengthen collaboration between local, national, and international stakeholders.

Through such efforts, the Ministry of Health and its partners are committed to building a resilient healthcare system capable of managing public health challenges and ensuring all communities are prepared and protected.