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The National Task Force for Drug and Substance Abuse recently organised a pivotal stakeholder engagement event focusing on the intersection of mental health and substance misuse, particularly among victims of abuse. This event brought together healthcare professionals, community leaders, mental health advocates, and policymakers to devise strategies for addressing the unique challenges faced by individuals suffering from abuse victim disorder (AVD).

The engagement saw participation from a wide range of sectors, including public health, social services, education, and law enforcement, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the complex issues. The discussions aimed to foster collaboration and create a unified approach to tackling the dual challenges of mental health issues and substance misuse among abuse victims.

Key topics included the integration of mental health services with substance misuse treatment, emphasising the need to address both issues concurrently. Participants also highlighted the role of community outreach and support programmes in providing accessible, localised assistance to abuse victims. There was a strong emphasis on the need for educational campaigns to raise awareness about the signs of abuse and the available resources for victims. Additionally, there were calls for the development and implementation of policies to protect abuse victims and ensure they receive the necessary mental health and substance misuse services.

The engagement concluded with a consensus on the importance of ongoing collaboration and sustained efforts to address the intertwined issues of mental health and substance misuse among abuse victims. Participants committed to working together to implement the strategies discussed and to advocate for the necessary resources and policy changes.

The National Task Force for Drug and Substance Abuse expressed gratitude to all attendees for their contributions and reaffirmed its commitment to improving the lives of those affected by abuse and substance misuse. This event marks a significant step towards a more coordinated and effective response to these pressing public health concerns.


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