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The Government of Sierra Leone's National Task Force for Drug and Substance Abuse proudly announces the launch of the Southern Regional Awareness Campaign focused on drug and substance abuse, particularly addressing the growing concern of Kush. This campaign aims to educate the public, especially young people, about the dangers of drug abuse and to promote healthier, safer communities.

The official launch event took place at the Bo City Council Hall and was led by Minister Tamba Lamina. In his opening remarks, Minister Lamina highlighted the importance of community involvement and reaffirmed the government’s commitment to tackling drug and substance abuse across the country.

Deputy Minister Alfred Jamiru unveiled the campaign’s impactful slogan: "Ar Sabi the True but Kush, wey u?" which translates to "I know the truth, about Kush, what about you?" This slogan is designed to resonate with the youth, encouraging them to make informed choices about their health and well-being.

The Southern Regional Awareness Campaign is part of a broader national effort to combat drug and substance abuse. The campaign will feature a series of community outreach programmes, educational workshops, and media initiatives aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of Kush and other substances.

Minister Lamina underscored the campaign’s educational focus, stating, "By informing our citizens, particularly the younger generation, about the severe consequences of drug abuse, we are taking significant steps towards creating a safer, healthier Sierra Leone."

Deputy Minister Jamiru stressed the need for collective action, adding, "This campaign is not just about raising awareness; it’s about mobilising our communities to stand against drug abuse. Together, we can eliminate this threat and ensure a brighter future for our nation."


The National Task Force for Drug and Substance Abuse urges all citizens to support the campaign and participate in the various planned activities. Community leaders, parents, educators, and young people are encouraged to join the efforts to fight drug abuse and create a drug-free Sierra Leone.


Let us continue our drive for safer, healthier communities. Together, we can eliminate drug abuse.


About the National Task Force for Drug and Substance Abuse


The National Task Force for Drug and Substance Abuse is a government body dedicated to addressing the challenges of drug and substance abuse in Sierra Leone. The Task Force collaborates with various stakeholders to implement effective strategies and programmes aimed at reducing drug abuse and promoting public health and safety.